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Top 5 Things To Search for on AliExpress

Updated: May 14, 2020

AliExpress is like Amazon but everything is from China and it's probably where 90% of Amazon retailers source their products.

Yes it's great for a good deal, but it's also an amazing place to explore.

The 5 funniest things to search for on AliExpress are:

5: Website

Great introduction to the weird world of AliExpress. Lots of really strange/sad/normal graphic t-shirts mixed in with some electronics. A great option "just to see what's out there".

4: Glasses

Fashion Fire Sunglasses were one of the top search results for "glasses". Learn about the trends before they happen, but also wonder why they are happening at all.

3: Car Seat Covers For Women

The "for women" piece is key because only here can you learn that you can turn your car into a natural oasis. Or a Hello Kitty experience. Or a Movember Shrine. Discover for yourself.

2: Yoga Pants

LOTS of fake butts. Honestly. It's endless.

1: Novelty Earrings

A suggested game for this search is wondering if someone somewhere has worn any of these earrings.

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